Saturday, January 17, 2009

The light

Arriving at 630 in the morning, the sky was still dark as night.  No surprise there.  However, the change in the color of the sky through the morning, the variations of blue, especially as reflected in the water of the bay around 945AM through the window of the studio, was stunning.  Something like a deeper international Klein Blue.  I know, this blog can carry photos, but I didn't take a photo.  It felt as though it would have been disrespectful both to the moment and my host who was giving me a tour of the building. 

When the sun came up  - I saw sunshine though not the sun itself- the quality of the light was like nothing I've experienced.  I can't describe it yet, and as it is now past midnight and raining, I may have to wait a few days.  

I'l be spending the weekend completing Fall quarter 'reports', getting over jet lag, and getting my cupboards stocked, getting a mobile phone arranged (I hope) and making sure I can watch the swearing in of President Obama (!) on Tuesday.  Yes I will.  

I am on GMT which means the same as London.  When it is noon here it is 7 AM in Brooklyn, 6 AM in  Chicago, and 4AM in Madras, OR. 

I think that's all for the moment.  When I am less tired I will try to describe my arrival and trip. 

I start teaching on Monday at 830AM.  

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