Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Now it looks like Iceland

Here is a series of Photos I took today.  It snowed last night and has been snowing off and on since then.  This is part of the center of Reykjavik, residential, nice and especially quiet today.  I am so fortunate to be in this part of town.  Postal code 101, and called the 101.  I'll include more text and more and more various photos in a future entry.  I feel nearly settled. Class is going well.  Students are interested and attentive.  Tomorrow I am going on a backstage tour of the National Theater.  Frankly, I hope it keeps snowing.  It is so beautiful. 


I've joined a ginormous gym (this  is not a photo of the gym but part of the Cathedral that is not covered by scaffolding) with classes in 4 gargantuan studios, every kind of machine and free-weight,  Olympic size indoor pool, both indoor and outdoor hot spring pool, an spa (costs extra but I may splurge on a massage at some point). In the main room, 75 treadmills, as many stair steppers and stationary bicycles.  There are no membership cards, but an iris scanner. 
I haven't tried the pools yet. Not yet used to the slight sulfur aroma that all hot water has here. 

Alright, that's probably more than enough about the gym.  One more  photo.   I love these painted corrugated metal houses, especially when surrounded by white buildings and the snow, with the low angled light, really can be stunning.  

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  1. ...beautiful images.
    the pops of color are wonderful against the white.
    are you the only human must post other signs of life.
    perhaps do a "day in the life" shoot...we want to see.

    miss you.